Our business lines

VINCI Energies deploys its fields of expertise in four business lines: infrastructure, industry, service sector and ICT.

As a major player on the local market, VINCI Energies Romania delivers solutions and services to meet public and private customers needs in:

  • industry
  • infrastructure
  • services sector.

All these solutions are provided via Actemium, STIZO Industrial Services, TIAB and VINCI Facilities.


Industry: Contributing to the improvement in industrial performance


VINCI Energies’ range of services covers te entire industrial lifecycle, from design and engineering to implementation, comissioning and maintenance.

Our business units are acknowledged for their expertise in industrial field, which they offer to our customers in the oil and gas, chemical, automotive, food, feed and beverage industry, among others.

VINCI Energies Romania also handles the operational maintenance and offers multi-technical solutions.


Infrastructure: Integrated solutions for a reliable partnershipVE_SV_Infrastructures_RVB150

Energy supply and meeting transportation needs represents two of the major society’ challenges.

This is why VINCI Energies Romania is actively involved in consolidation, modernization and improving reliability for transportation and electrical distribution networks.

The demographic pressure and increased urbanisation are the bases of a constant modernization and upgrading of the transport infrastructure (roads, public transport, airports and ports).

VINCI Energies’ combined areas of expertise enable us to be a reliable partner in permanent touch with our customers.


Services sector: Making buildings more sustainableVE_SV_Tertiaire_RVB150

The energy efficiency and performance of the buildings are some of the biggest challenge in the 21st century.

Optimising energy consumption and improving the comfort, as well as the safety of occupants constitute the three main concerns.

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